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morning washington," on your side. >>> good morning, washington. 6:00 on this monday. i'm doug mcelway. >> and i'm alison starling. good morning. i hope you had a great weekend. thank you for joining us. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> let's start with brian van de graaff. this is about the coldest morning we have had yet. >> 22 in rosslyn. temperatures are in the team's most elsewhere. we're very cold with clear skies. -- temperatures are in the teens most elsewhere. 15 in rockville. 14 in madison. plenty of cold sunshine this morning. warming into the 30's. some flurries tonight. we do have awarming trend. you have to wait a few days. >> plenty of traffic making its way to the quantico marine base with an accident on the shoulder. northbound 95, expect delays into dumfries. 66, we have volume in manassas and fair oaks. this is the belay at the wilson bridge. more to come. newschopper 7 in just a little while. >> thank you. >>> the bitter cold sticks around for the start of another work week. >> the nationwide deep freeze could have long-lasting effects on your
. >> the father behind the balloon boy hoax comes crashing to earth. he heads to jail. "good morning washington" begins right now. captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.o-- >>> good monday morning. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> let's start with brian van de graaff. it is a cold morning. >> we have temperatures -- hold on. can you hear me now? it is monday morning. do not yell at me. 18 in leesburg. we'll have problems on monday getting started. 14 in woodbridge. my wife would like if you could turn my mouth off. the winds are out there this morning. plenty of sunshine to start off. increasing clouds. we could see some flurries tonight. we will seek a warming trend by the end of the week. >> overnight construction is completely gone. no major problems to report on the highway right now. moving nicely around the interstate on 95, 66. we are giving you yellow arrows. we're good in southern maryland, no surprises on route 4, route 5. good on the beltway at the american legion bridge. >> thank you. >>> our top story, the cold sticks around for the start
to "morning joe," live from washington. quite a weekend. and quite -- quite a show today. we have on set with us pat buchanan and jonathan capehart, and new york, very interesting. i always have this guy on, because he has a negro dialect, and it serves him well. >> joe, joe! >> for the most part, he is a light- skinned engine ened germ find that light-skinned germans can hold down television shows better. viewers, we speak of tv's own willie geist. >> depending on my audience, i can go like full honky or dial it down a little bit. i can go either way, either way. >> seriously, willie. i don't know if harry reid was channeling the 1970s movie "mandingo." i don't know if he was a member of a southern country club in the1950s, but this guy lives on a planet far different -- seriously, negro dialect? >> to put it delicately, he comes from a different time. >> i think that's the issue. >> he's majority leader of the united states senate. >> i know, i know. guess what? our government is made up of people from all races and sexes. >> and people should evolve in their thinking and their termino
on "andrea mitchell reports," game change, the hot new book making waves in washington even before it hits stores. today on "the daily rundown," white house chief of staff rahm emanual explaining why the president accepted harry reid's apology for racially insensitive remarks. >> he knows harry reid. he trusts harry reid and harry reid has absolutely the confidence of the president and the rest of the democratic caucus. >> critics still want reid to resign, republican critics, we should say, resign as majority leader. >>> comments on reopening the national conversation about race. >> i don't understand what's demeaning. i've talked to any number of black elected officials over the years, reporting on this book. and all of them have been called worse, including barack obama. >> an apology to america. he has insulted a great number of persons. >> other juicy book notes? candidate obama's frustration with joe biden. sarah palin's divine inspiration and a bo dice-ripping screaming match between john and elizabeth edwards. and, of course, hillary clinton's reality check to barack obama on her h
from washington d.c. to may or washington state to arizona means passing through states that have weak drunk driving laws, did not ban text driving laws, did not ban text messaging, do not require that use a booster seat for your child, have life-threatening with -- life-threatening loopholes in teen driving laws and an adequate enforcement of seat belt and motorcycle helmet laws. and worst states, there were 10 in the green category. the top to in this category are the district of columbia, i got credit for 13.5 lost and the state of new jersey, with credit for 13 lost. the other states are illinois, thank you center, maryland, new york, north carolina, oregon, tennessee, minnesota, california, and washington. there are nine worst states this year. we added, unfortunately, six new states to that category. they are arizona, virginia, vt., pennsylvania, ohio, and nebraska. in order of ranking, the states in the worst category having fewer than half of these 15 basic laws are south dakota with only three of the laws, arizona, north dakota, wyoming, va., vt., pennsylvania, ohio, and nebra
> en washington claudia uceda univision las autoridades fales tiene suficientes dosis de vacunas para evitar contraer la influenzh1n1.el peligro e latente.... y muchas personas mas podrian contagiarse de la influenza h1n1 en esta temporada de frio... "todavia no hemos terminado a temporada de la gripe, la gripe existe hasta febrero inclusive hasta marzo" entre abril y noviembre del aÑo pasado, la influenza h1n1 contagio a mas de 47- millones de personas, 200-mil fueron hospitalizadas... y 10-mil perdieron la vida... la secretaria de salud katheleen sebelius dice que la vacuna es segura, efectiva y la mejor manera h1stan @@aaxqqq@@aaxqqqxe reajustar su presupuesto operativo..ese condado esta considerando varias medidas rvicio ride on, y cion os programas de servicio de programas... mientras tanto dispone a eliminar docenas de plazas de empleo, en esfuerzos por aminorar el millonario deficit que enfrenta... metro calcula la eliminacion de 60 empleados y 90 plazas vacantes, lo que ahorraria a la agencia mas de dos millones de dolares en este
and martinsburg and right now in the teens to mid-20s. 25 here in washington. we are going in the low to mid- 30s. more clouds this afternoon and maybe flurries. the good news is not too windy at all. speaking of good news, angie, do you have any? >> i do in the sense we don't have anything major going on right now. no major roads are closed at the time. but we want to start with video from earlier. this is crews out in mclean, virginia earlier. this water main break is something we see with cold temperatures like this. it sat the intersection of mcgarrity and griffith and they are taking away lanes as needed. a live shot. 395 northbound is still a slow ride. backing up here from the beltway to king street. i'm estimating that drive time at 15 minutes. keeping it moving, we have it bumper-to-bumper on 66 eastbound from 50 to the beltway. no incidents or accidents. that's not the situation going westbound at route 50. we are crash activity on the right shoulder. this is something new too. head over to maryland. 270 and shady grove road. an accident is adding to the delay that starts at 37 -- 370 a
survives a fiery crash in northwest washington this morning. the woman struck a traffic light pole at the intersection of new jersey and q streets northwest. witnesses say that three men, from the neighborhood pulled the woman and a another passenger out of the burning car before emergency crews arrived. the two passengers were transported to the hospital. >>> a new book about the 2008 presidential campaign is causing quite a stir of controversy. whit johnson has the details. >> reporter: comments senate majority leader harry reid made in private have republicans publicly calling for his resignation. in game change, a book about the presidential campaign hitting shelves today, the democrat describes president obama as an appealing candidate because he's "light skinned and has no negro dialect." senator reid apologized for the remarks. republicans see a double standard. >> democrats feel they can say these things and they can apologize when it comes from the mouths of their own. but if it comes from anyone else, it is racism. >> reporter: democrats rallied behind reid. >> the presid
the game in washington as this week begins. >> instead of talking about terrorism or health care, political circles are buzzing about a number of bombshells from the 2008 presidential campaign. >> reporter: the most shocking revelation in game change is forcing harry reid to play damage control. reid was quoted as saying america was ready to, quote, have a light-skinned african. reid apologized over the weekend, and president obama accepted. >> there is the standard where democrats feel they can say these things and they can apologize when it comes from the mouths of their own, but if it comes from anyone else, it's raceism. >> reporter: michael steele and others said when trent lott placed the views in 2002, lott was forced to resign as senate leader. saying, quote, if you tell ethnic jokes in the back room, it's that much easier to say ethnic jokes publicly. there's dirty laundry from both parties. when john mccain announced sarah palin as his running mate, dick cheney is quoted as calling it wrecking. still it may be those in the white house with the most fires to put out. president obam
will have to tackle as he not only faces mounting pressure in washington but a stuff re- election in his home state. karen brown, cbs news, new york. >> senator harry reid j says he isn't going anywhere. >>> baltimore removed a priest from church duties following allegations of sexual misconduct. 62-year-old father john is priest of the church in maryland. the archdiocese delayed announcing it until sunday in connection with the investigation. the abuse occurred in the mid- to late 1980's. he denies all those allegations. >>> flu season hasn't swung into high gear, but there are no shortages of the h1n1 vaccine. the challenge for health officials now is making sure people get both the h1n1 and seasonal vaccines. the pharmaceutical company stepped up production and some companies have surpluses. >> there are ample supplies of vaccine in most of the country. the h1n1 virus is still circulating and causing disease, hospital locations and -- hospitalizations and deaths. many people are still susceptible to this virus and would benefit from vaccination. >> flu is fickle. now we're braced to s
a reckless choice. nbz news, washington. stay with us, everyone. news 4 today continues now at 5:00 a.m. >>> i pretty much just started screaming and he got up and ran out the door. >> a d.c. woman talking about her terrifying account of a stranger who broke into her home and got into her bed. >>> finally, the end is in sight. apparently there is a change coming. good morning and welcome to news 4 today. i'moe krebs. >> and it's monday, january 11th, 2010. we're going to take a live look outside right now. it's another cold day, but there could be a warm-up on the way and we're looking forward to it. >> and we deserve it. and it's going to gradually warm up and we're going to see, look at how cold it is. the temperares are only near 20 in the suburbs, rural areas and in washington. many locations have windchills near 10 degrees with the wd around 5 to 15 miles an hour coming in out of the west-northwest. out of the mountains, it's below zero this morning. elkins, west virginia, 8 below zero. temperatures will be gradually climbing today, though. we should make it into the mid and uppe
inside baseball in washington, d.c. and the poor judgment senator reid exercised. but we know that he's been exercising poor judgment on policy. that's more troublesome concern to me and i think the voters in nevada recognize that senator reid is not the kind of leader for their state right now and i think he's in tough political position and i think he's going to have a hard time wing reelection. >> neil: you think the republicans pursuing this saying this is a game changer, you should step down, are wasting their time. there are pleasant of other unproper things. >> senator reid is the gift that keeps giving to the republicans. he has not proven himself to be a leader and not listening to the constituents of nevada and i don't think he's doing the right thing for the country. having said that what i said was wrong. and i'm glad he apologized for it and i am troubled that the democrats are practicing hypocrisy by not calling it what it is. i don't think it's a fireable offense. >> neil: all right. andy card, thank you very much. happy new year. >> thank you very much, kneel. >> neil.
at the washington hotel. now he may get an official invitation to meet the grand jury. >>> pictures of you crashing didn't slow up yet but we are waiting. >> it all forms online. we are just trying to get through this arctic chill. >> you don't have to tell me. over the weekend i thought this is the weather that makes me want to move to florida but florida is no better. >> if you are in the u.s. you are going to get the arctic blast. it is going to pass. >> i'm waiting. >> you'll be waiting a little while longer. 33 at bwi marshall right now. just a real light southwest wind. sun has set completely. no dusk left. it was a beautiful day. it was cold out but bright sunshine. more sunshine than we expected today. i thought it would cloud up by mid afternoon. it stayed sunny throughout the entire day. toward sunset you see the clouds move in. that helped out our high temperature. we got up into the mid to upper 30s today in most spots. 41 would be the average. we are well below average today. days are beginning to get longer here. we'll see the mild weather move in later in the week. we are watching r
elections. brian mooar, nbc news, washington. >>> meanwhile, impeached illinois governor rod blagojevich has told "esquire" magazine, he is, quote, blacker than barack obama. telling the magazine he was a real person in a political arena dominated by phonies, the 53-year-old, who is awaiting trial on corruption charges, cited shining shoes and growing up in a five-room apartment as a few of his african-american credentials. >>> well, ju after a week after a security scare shut down an airport, new york airport was again the scene of a tense situation, this time when the landing gear failed on a united airlines passenger jet. now, officials say no one was injured in the emergency landing, which happened just before 9:30 yesterday morning. the plane was approaching new jersey from chicago when the pilot warned of a, quote, little problem. passengers braced for impact of the plane, touched down on just two wheels. amid hugs and tears, all 53 people left the ple unhurt. >>> and according to this morning's "new york times," the u.s. military is struggling to keep up with the flood of video intell
's not the only book controversy. 11 news washington bureau reporter nikole killion explains. >> this book is called "game change." it's make something politicians like reid change their tone. harry reid now under fire in a new book for private comments he made about then senator barack obama during the 2008 presidential campaign. reportedly wowed by obama's -- he described the candidate a light-skinned african-american with, quote, no negro dialect unless he wanted to have one. over the weekend reid apologized for his comments, and the president accepted saying as far as he's concerned, the book is closed. not so for some republicans who are now calling on reid to step down as majority leader. >> there's a big double standard here. the thing about it that's interesting is that when democrats get caught saying racist things, you know, an apology is enough. >> there were comments made in the context of him praising senator obama and supporting his candidacy for president, but still, they kind of reflect the thinking of the day gone by. >> that's not the only offhand remark. the book claims
prosperity. that's like george washington is like -- chavez worked overtime to silence his critics. june 16 of last year, obama mentioned his alleged opposition. >> i have one television station, entirely d devoted to attacking my administration. i mean, this is a pretty -- >> glenn: talking about fox. >> that is a pretty big megaphone. >> glenn: yes, it is. and when the white house says fox isn't a news organization, president obama had this to say. >> if media is operating as a talk radio format, that's one thing. if it's operating as a news outlet, that is another. it's not something i'm losing a lot of sleep over. >> glenn: he's not. neither is hugo chavez. now, and again, completely unrelated. big oil, fairness doctrine times 10, bank bail-outs, silencing the critics and the media. what a coincidence! now chavez is devaluing the venezuelan currency so he can stimulate the economy and create job jobs because his pol numbers are in declean and he has elections to win. i have been telling you this since george w. bush was in office. this president and the last president devalued our dolla
in washington. 22 in annapolis, baltimore is at 19 degrees. at dulles airport, it is 0 degrees. plenty of folks in the teens. quantico, 14 degrees. winchester, 18 degrees. leonardtown is at 16 degrees at this hour. lots of sunshine this morning. clouds will build in later on today and tonight, can't rule out a snow shower or snow flurry but we're looking for highs today into the mid-30s so a little bit of improvement. we were in he upper 0s and low 30s over the course of the weekend -- we were in the upper 20s and low 30s over the course of the weekend so we should see improvement by the end of the week. >>> a pretty good start to our monday morning commute. all lanes are open between the ving field interchange and the wilson bridge -- between the springfield interchange and the wilson bridge. no incidents to report head around towards silver spring. if you are traveling in virginia, this is a live shot of 395 main lineas well as the hov at speed as you continue northbound and headed up across the inbound 14th street bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >>> our big story, the c
debate race. >> it's a little weird right here in the washington bureau -- >> it's uncomfortable. >> we just realized, wow, savannah came in here and was, out of here, and just took my chair. >> it's like the oakland as, remember the oakland as back in the 1970s, they might win on the field, but they would beat the hell out of each other in the locker room afterwards. let me tell you something, these people hate each other -- >> and us, apparently -- >> with a deep-seated hatred. >> having said that, you're seconds away from the daily rundown. >> and willie geist, if it's way damned too early, what time is it? >> it's "morning joe." but right now it's time for the premiere of "the daily rundown". >> a "daily rundown" live exclusive. rahm emanuel. >> and democrats circle the wagons around harry reid, but do republicans smell an opportunity? we'll talk to a senator who wants reid out. it's january 11th, 2010. i'm chuck todd. >> and i'm savannah guthrie. let's get right to the rundown. we'll start with the news from the white house. nothing to see here. senior aides say they aringn't sweat
on "washington weekly," the man planning to attack president obama's motorcade wi be sentenced. and we will show you where homes are flying off of the market. >>> indeed belfort furniture weather center, a very cold night ahead, but we have a nice warm-up for the work week - thanks for coming back out. sure. i think you might have hooked it up wrong, though. yea, we're getting way too many channels. no, no. that's -- that's standard. fios also comes with 11,000 free movies and shows on demand per month. ah, standard. gotcha. a certain somebody says "thank you". tell him "he's welcome", but it's still standard. he's happy to be back with his friends. is he? [ male announcer ] hundreds of channels, thousands of movies, and three times more very satisfied customers than comcast. this is beyond cable. this is fios. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. >>> the conners debut pled guilty for bomb making materials -- the student pled guilty for bomb making materials. he was saying that he was planning to intercept the presidential motorcade. >>> maryland and vir
solo una te da la informacion mas importante de los hispanos en washington www.univisiondc.com las ultimas noticias lo mas sobresaliente de los deportes el reporte del clima los espectaculos mas calientes del area participa en las ultimas promociones y ofertas de la estacion www.univisiondc.com el portal de los latinos en washington ♪(música) >>> los peruanos están cc]kph@ conmocionados por el brutal asienato del director de una cárcel muy peligrosa. y nuestra reportera nos dice dónde apuntan las investigaciones. >>> un crimen conmovió a los miembros del instituto penitenciario, el director de uno de los penales más peligros fue asesinado. >>> los policías no vinieron. >>> le dispararon tres disparos en la cara. >>> respeto al asesinato de mi hermano, no es un asesinato de una persona que está aprendiendo a matar, este es un asesinato de gente profesional. >>> el director había sido amenazado, pero hacia mucho tiempo que no se veía un crimen como este. el penal castro- castro fue motivo de muchos problemas, y este crimen parece confirmar que los problemas se agravan. >>
for reelection. >> reporter: it is the talk of washington. comments that senator harry reid has apologized for has now prompted the chairman of the republican national committee to call for reid's resignation. >> there is the standard where democrats feel that they can say these things and they can apologize when it comes from the mouths of their own. but if it comes from anyone else, it's racism. >> reporter: but congressman eleanor holmes norton fired back at michael steele saying reid has a strong record when it comes to supporting the african-american community. >> what's more important to us is not the words. words matter but the actions of a politician matter a great deal more. this is a man with a lifetime in naacp a rating. >> reporter: this is the thing needs. he's already fighting for health care reform here in washington. and back at home in nevada he's fighting
. reid apologized, but gop leaders are calling for his resignation. whit johnson is in washington with details. whit, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. well, the comments from senator reid appear to be drawing more political lines than racial lines at the moment. some gop leaders say if the same comments were uttered by a republican, the kons quepconseq would be much more severe. >> reporter: comment harry reid made in private have republicans publicly calling for his resignation. in "game change," a book about the 2008 presidential campaign, the book describes president obama as an appealing candidate because he's, quote, light skinned and has no negro dialect. senator reid apologized for the rourke, but republicans see a double standard. >> democrats feel that they can say these things and they canal apologize when it comes from the mouths of their own, but if it comes from then else, it's racism. >> reporter: democrats rallied behind reid. >> the president has accepted the poll guy and it would seem to meet matter should be closed. railroad the revelation is bad timing f
seven-day for weeks. >> many people around washington cannot wait for the biddle colt to end. but other places have been -- for the bitter cold to end. but other places have been caught off guard. >> of the icever potomac reminds us with the -- brings as a reminder of just how cold it has been in recent weeks. we are not alone. >> from a water main breaks in fairfax county, va., to the fear of widespread citrus shortages in florida, much of the nation continues to cope with the aftershock of an extended deep freeze. miami in the mid 30's, tampa in the 20's, tallahassee in the teens. that is the kind of data has been in florida, where one hardware store is trying, but cannot restocked are highly coveted space heaters. >> are they on back order? >> our warehouse does not have any. >> it is typically much warmer this time of year. while in memphis tennessee, it is so cold that volunteers are handing out sleeping bags to those in need. >> it is nice to knowhere's somebody out here who does care. >> and there has been such a stress on power grids due to the cold weather that there have been
taylor will join us to talk about the role of afghan civilians and taking leadership. washington journal, live at 7:00 a.m. eastern here on c-span. >> i'm always concerned about the potential of unforeseen consequences of new regulations. regulation of any kind act as a tax, and when you tax to regulate something, you tend to get less of it. you tend to diminish it. >> republican fcc commissioner robert mcdowell on efforts to create of national broad grand plan. that is at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span2. >> "american icons" -- three original documentaries from c- span now available on dvd. a unique journey through the iconic homes of the three branches of american government. see the exquisite detail of the supreme court through the eyes of the justices. go beyond the velvet ropes of public tours into those rarely seen spaces of "the white house -- america's most famous home." and explore the history, art, and architecture of "the capitol," one of america's most symbolic structures. "american icons" -- a three- disc dvd set. it is $24.95 plus shipping and handling. order online at c- span.
in washington tonight with more on this story, major, we hear the senator is firing back today? >> that's right. harry reid spent today, sunday, quietly at his home in search light, nevada watching all of this play out and had to be pleased with the way his democratic colleagues in the senate and other democrats came to his defense and that's no small tribute to reid's energetic efforts yesterday, on the phone first with president obama and then with senate democrats around the country and other democrats, virginia governor, former governor doug wilder among them. nailing down their support for today and reid got that. however, republican michael steele, the national committee chairman and two republicans in the senate, from arizona said that they thought reid should step down here in washington, reid's energetic staff led by jim manly, a long time loyal aide put out the statement, unlike others advocating moving our nation backwards and viewing this moment for political gain, he, meaning reid is working tomorrow and the next day to move our country forward. mr. steele and senator cornen want r
washington's full attention this morning. in it, dozens of secrets and back-room comments from the 2008 presidential campaign. >> among the revelations, comments by majority leader harry reid about candidate barack obama and those comments were the talk of the sunday talk shows. >> this is a special edition of "meet the press with david gregory." >> let me start with those remarks by harry reid as being reported in this new book "game change" about the 2008 race. senator reid was wowed by obama's oratorical gifts and believed the country was ready to embrace a black presidential candidate, especially one such as obama, "a light-skinned african-american with no negro dialect unless he wanted to have one," as he said privately. reid was convinced, in fact, obama's race would help him more than hurt him in a bid for the democratic nomination. senator reid quickly apologized. he spoke to president obama yesterday, who as i mentioned issued a statement saying the case is closed on this, he accepts the apology. governor kaine, is the case closed? should there be a consequence for the remarks?
mentors, particularly those in washington, de. we read the stories and many times we don't know what to do. this is an opportunity for to you have a structured program, anybody listening to the show today, to have a structured program, call in. 15 programs, a variety of programs from which to choose and you get training to help you be amentor with young opptunity in the new year. this is an opportunity for a person to call in and give back. >> speaking of that, i won't keep from you the phones anymore. george, thank you very much. we'll be talking with another grouthat is specifically tailored towards targeting men to get involved in the lives of young people but mentoring monday is all morning long until 11:00 a.m. call the number you see on your screen. back to you. >> thank you. >>> we'll be checking in with those folks until 11:00 this morning, at least 10:00, but phone banks will be open until 11:00 joopt a lot of people coming in. >> it is busy around here. >> cold outside. it was 12 degrees at my house. >> we are seeing a left folk in the teens. we are holding steady here at 22 in t
jenkins on "washington journal." "washington journal" is next. . . you can always reach us by e- mail. we will get to all of that in just a moment. first, front-page in "the financial times." package is still large despite lower comp ratio, a political furor and public anger. a similar headline in "the wall street journal." a little bit of this article -- blue line i will read you more of that article this morning in "the wall street journal" and other reports, too. but christina romer was on "state of the union" and other sunday talk shows and talk about the issue of bonuses and here is what she had to say. >> we have had to take extraordinary actions to rescue the financial system. we always did it because that is what had to be done for the american people. nobody wanted to bail out banks just for their sake. it is because we know that credit is the lifeblood of a modern economy and without it, families cannot get loans for cars or send their kids to schools and small businesses cannot get loans. we know the financial sector matters. but at the same time we had to take these
aside as majority leader. he has since retired from the senate. in washington with more on this story. how are reid supporters explaining the comparison from 2002? >> well, just to give folks some context, explain exactly what happened. taking part in a birthday celebration for senator strom thurmond. he was proud that his state have voted for thurmond, and the country which have been very different. running on a segregationist ticket. well, those comments eventually cost lot of his position. the situation is much different >> harry reid, on the other hand, is someone that has fought for racial inclusion. he has fought with fairness and democracy for all americans regardless of race, gender, or ethnicity. he even put his political career on the line. very different. >> and all of supporters were pointing to is link the record on civil rights issues. that has earned him the right to apologize for these comments and move on. >> clearly that explanation isn't good enough for everyone, right. >> exactly. as you would imagine, a number of top republicans said there is no way that a gop lea
for what happened, and we can't go back to the old washington kind of routine, we're all responsible, therefore, no one is responsible. someone's got to be held responsible. second of all, i don't think the president's action matched his rhetoric when we send this individual to a civilian court. that person should be tried as an enemy combatant and terrorist. if we are at war we should not try that individual in a court other than a military trial. to have a person be able to get lawyered up when we need that information very badly, i think betrays or contradicts the president's view that we're at war. >> you promised close relations between the united states and pakistan. there are tensions. they think there's too many strings attached to u.s. aid money and they're upset with the escalating number of drone attacks, going after al qaeda and taliban targets. is your sense, senator lieberman to you first, is pakistan a full partner or are they still, as many have said they have done in the past, picking and choosing when to fight, which targets to hit? >> pakistan is a full partner in
news out of northwest washington, where crews are trying to fix a broken water main. it broke earlier thimorning at 17th and pea streets northwest in the dupont circle area. and that's where megan mcgrath is right now. she joins us live with the very latest. good morning, megan. >> reporter: good morning. i'm going to step out of the way here so you can take a live look at the area where the water is coming from there. you can see that's the location of the water main break. we're told it's a 20-inch water main, basically, right here near the intersection of "p" and 17th street. it's actually on 17th here. and it's been gurgling for quite some time. been going on since a little before 9:00 this morning. you can see that the water is still coming from the pavement. they have, kind of, shut it down a little bit here, while it's still coming out. it's nothing like what it was earlier this morning when this first happened. we have some eyewitness accounts of folks that say the water was actually shooting about 20 feet up into the air when it first occurred. a 20-inch water main, so this i
is up for re-election. he is not in washington today. he is back home in nevada. he has what is a campaign event dealing with local issues in nevada today. undoubtedly, he will be asked more about this. this would be the first time we would see him on camera since he released his apology and aides that i talk to say he is deeply embarrassed, he feels terrible, be that he calls the remarks inappropriate, doing all they can to try to acknowledge that this was a mistake and hopefully move on from their point of view. as you mentioned, republicans see this as an opportunity. there are republicans in leadership who say that when you look at what reid said and the bigger context of some other things that he said over time, they think that this is harmful to him and he should step aside. his says not a chance, he won't give up his position as majority leader and will, in fact, run for re-election. of course, we've seen some big names in the democratic party say it was time for them to retire. no indications of that from harry reid. this is a painful period for him to go through, and
to be a more effective inside player in washington in dealing with the congress and that is something some previous fed chairmen, paul volcker, alan greenspan, your time as the vice-chairman, you done a lot of washington before, so i don't think it was a help they didn't have this experience but i think that the portfolio skills he had figuring out what to do in this instance was the most important thing that we could have asked for in a fed chairman of this incredibly terrifying moment in history. >> host: what about his personality? >> guest: that's also interesting. you know, alan greenspan in my view made the fed a little bit too much like the vatican. he was the pulpit he was infallible and most people didn't know anybody else's mean and bernanke came to washington determined he said at the time to follow greenspan's the five policy but to be different than greenspan. i call him in the book to be the un-greenspan come to elevate the committee in the institution over the character of the chair and. i think actually that was a bit naive but it did help him build consensus that the fed s
on that point. our jeanne meserve joins us from washington with this developing story, and, jeanne, what you're about to reveal may be very concerning to some people. >> reporter: well, it certainly is to this privacy group, which says that the government has misled the public about exactly what those full-body imaging machines can do. the images produced by whole-body scanners don't leave much to the imagination. but the transportation security administration has said repeatedly, even on its own website, your privacy will be protected. >> the system has no way to save, transmit or print the image. >> reporter: a release says the machines have zero storage capability, but a tsa document written just three months earlier, spelling out requirements for potential manufacturers, said the machines had to have the capability to capture images of nonpassengers for training and evaluation purposes. the document was retained by epic, the electronic privacy information center. >> we think it's obvious the machines are designed to record images. >> reporter: the tsa's been lying? >> yes. i would use a
from washington. is epic satisfied with the tsa assurances? >> no. they're saying, we want to see the documents that tell us exactly what you're doing, that prove to us they're effective and demonstrate that privacy is protected. epic is saying until those questions are answered there shouldn't be any further deployment of these machines at the nation's airports. >> do these documents raise questions about whether the machines can detect explosive powders like petn? >> when you go through the document it says that the machine has to detect weapons, has to detect liquids, it has to detect explosives. it doesn't say anything specifically about powders. but when we asked the tsa about this capability, they insisted that, yes, the machines could detect powders hidden underneath clothes. >> homeland security correspondent, jeanne meserve for us, thank you. >>> later this hour, we're going to give you an inside look at the problems facing the transportation security administration. a reporter goes undercover as a tsa screener. barbara peterson tells us what she learned. and other big st
. >>> political bombshell. an author's work shakes up washington. revelations about both parties. and white house insight. >>> then, cashing in on bad weather. >> probably on the order of $5 billion. >> the forecasters fighting for your attention. >>> and, pull the plug. >> here's some frightening news. >> why the primetime experiment with jay leno is coming to an end. it's monday, january 11th. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> i have to say i liked leno better not in primetime. >> yeah. well, yeah. that's his forte is late night. >> it changed the format of the show. although they're probably not happy, i'm happy. >> that he's back? >> that he could be back. >> i don't think conan's very happy, though. >> no, or maybe fallon, he'll be up a lot later. good morning, you'll hear much more about that story and the controversy surrounding it. i'm vinita nair. >> i'm eric horng. jeremy hubbard is on assignment. >>> we begin with the curtain being yanked back on ugly secrets from the 2008 campaign. the revelations from a provocative new book called "game change." >> they've already led fo
are required to consent to anything important that is going on in washington. this is incredibly important. it is being done out of sight of the citizens of the media. that is unheard of. that is a slap in the face of james madison and the constitution. i keep thinking that rahm emanuel and harry reid and mrs. pelosi are saying constitution, we don't need no stinking constitution we the votes in the last election this is a serious offense against constitutional government. i'm very worried about it. >> neil not only am i not unnerveed by this, i'm nerved. the federalist papers were about representative democracy. we do not govern by plebiscite or referendum in this country i'm sorry to say we do in the state of california another subject all together. we elect these representatives to go to washington to write legislation and make laws for us. they tell us about it, we comment to them. the bills are there, you can look at the bills. [ talking over each other ] >> they are going to tell us it is made up. adam, i love you like a brother that is made up. nobody knows what is in those bills th
at bwi marshall. 34 frederick. 33 washington. dover, delaware 29. we are picking up light snow pushing in the western suburbs. you may catch a few flurries. that's a possibility overnight. we are not going to see more than a light dusting of snowy precipitation. not much snow to go around. many of you may not see anything. not as cold tonight. 23 degrees is better than the mid teens. i think you'll like the seven- day forecast. milder weather on way. we'll show you when it gets here. >> thank you. >>> we are going to indy after a huge victory against the patriots. ravens have never gone up to new england and won until yesterday. final score 33-14. jamie talked to line backer ray lewis. >> reporter: ravens beat the patriots on the stadium floor. >> we are going to annapolis next week. >> reporter: after beating the team of the decade. >> they were flat. [ no audio ]. >> ravens take on the colts saturday at 8:00. coaches on both teams are talking at the challenges they face. cheryl conner joins us with the details on that. >> the coach says it is an exciting opportunity. that the guys ha
, strawberries all the things we like to eat in the wintertime in trouble for certain. outside in the washington are, it's also cold. ironically, it's not that much colder than it is all the way down in florida. there's a look at the lincoln memorial under clear skies. it is cd out there. 32 was our high today after a 19-degree start this morning. current temperature 24. a light wind at nine miles per hour. windchill 14 degrees. january running six degrees colder than average. low temps this morning, records all the way down the florida peninsula. miami beach, 35 degrees this morning. so very cold indeed. high temperatures this afternoon, yeah, 48 for a high down in south beach. high temperature departure from average, almost 30 degrees colder than average down in the sunshine state. current temperatures already down below freezing as far as south as jacksonville. orlando in danger of setting another record low temperature tomorrow morning. the record low for tomorrow 28 degrees was set january 11th, 1982. i looked in our record books here, january 11th 1982, our temperatures also a record low.
.m. in washington, midday in london, for what 30 in afghanistan. -- 4:30 in afghanistan. there has been a softening of attitudes toward foreign troops there. the poll shows that 70% of people think that things are going in the right direction. our correspondent is in the third largest city in afghanistan. >> teaming, cultural, a kaleidoscope. been sanctioned, -- it is on an ancient crossroads. you can feel the centuries. you can feel something else as well, the gradual return of confidence. many afghans say that security, economic prospects, and faith in the future have all gotten better in the past 12 months. this was in keeping with our bbc nationwide poll. look at what has happened to the standing of nato forces. last year 36% of afghans blame them for the violence. now 42% of afghans blame the taliban and only 17% blame the afghan government. they are also much more confident about their economic prospects. 41% say they think they're good, compared to 29% last year. 60% of them say that they are better off now than under the taliban. afghans are still very worried about corruption. 95% said tha
in northeast washington was bogged down for several hours. scott has the very latest. hi, scott. >> it was a tense day here at svenguard high school after a security guard saw a suspect she thought with a gun in his pocket. it sparked a lockdown and evacuation and a complete search of this high school, which turned up no suspect or gun. tonight, leaving this entire incident ununcomfortable mystery. third period, and police swarm the svenguard high school with overwhelming force. >> it's crazy. >> reporter: while students are angered at reports of a gun in school. >> some security is in there. they're not doing their job. >> reporter: but police credit a school security officer with raising the alarm. >> a security guard was patrolling the building, the interior of the building. she was on the second floor near a stairwell. she observed a subject that she described as a black, light- skinned male with what appeared to be a handgun protruding from his pocket. >> reporter: 500 students were evacuated to the school's secure fenced-in football stadium, while dogs and officers swept t
to be a tough reelection battle in november. in washington, joel brown. >> the president is eager to close the book on this episode. >> oust illinois governor rod made comments of his own. he said he's blacker than barack obama because he grew up in a small apartment and shined shoes as a child. he says it was a stupid thing to say. >>> if you're waiting for someone to get home, let's check in with sharon gibala in traffic control. >>> good afternoon. wedwe do have some problems, there is a look at 95 at the tunnel, you can see some police lights flashing in the middle of the screen. that's police activity in the northbound direction. in darlington. watch for an accident, that one blocking lanes. a tractor trailer, a second accident at whiskey bottom road. joplin at eastern and watch for fire activity. there's a live look at the police activity which looks like it is just clearing up at the tunnel. topside looking good at green spring. >>> thank you. there's a new option when it comes to public transportation and it's free. the charm city circulator begins circulating. you can hop on a
'm joined from washington by the nation's first secretary of homeland security, former pennsylvania governor tom ridge. welcome back. >> nice to be back. >> sean: maybe this is progress. he acknowledges finally there's a war on terror. is that progress? >> i listened carefully and read it again. we are at war. we are at war against al-qaeda. i think that's a long way from saying this was an isolated extremist act, which is something that he said a week ago. it is morning that we mine americans no better person in the world to do it and no more important person in the world to do it, than the president this is not an isolated incident that al-qaeda is recruiting on a day-to-day basis individuals to recruit, train, proselytize and send out to the person world to the united states to do harm. it is huge progress. those are important words. >> sean: janet napolitano said the system works. every single time there's an incident, mr. secretary, every single time, we hear, i don't care if it is fort hood this airline attack, we keep hearing almost immediately, this is not terror-related. why are the
and this country. i am joined from washington with the fist security of homeland security tom ridge. welcome back. >> nice to be back. >> maybe this is progress he acknowledges there's a war on terror. is that progress? >> i listened carefully and read it again. we are at war, we are at war against al qaeda. that's a long way from saying this was an isolated extremist act which is something he said about a week ago. i think it's important we remind americans and there's no better person to do it and no more important person in the world to do it than president of the united states that this is not an isolated incidental kwied is recruiting on a day-to-day basis individuals to recruit, train, pros law ties and have people do us harm. this is a president who understands the importance the words and these are important words. >> eerie time there's an incident every single time we hear, i don't care if it's fort hood or this airline attack we keep hearing almost immediately but this is not terror related. why are they so quick to calm the waters and fears of the american people instead of saying we d
this on a very cold day in washington, we're complaining when it's 20-some degrees, but it was very cold there. and they have a lot of challenges when it comes to broadband. really satellite is their only option due to the harsh weather condition. it's very difficult to make a landing there. it's a coastal town right on the beautiful arctic ocean. but so satellite for some fills in that gap. i want to the make sure we don't forget about satellite because there are parts of america that just get nothing else but that. and it has limitations, satellite technology does, but we need to look at what we can do to make that better for consumers who are, have that as their only option as well. >> host: your comments actually echo some comments made by the white house and the obama administration yesterday in comments filed to the fcc through the department of justice as well as from the ntia in a letter where the administration basically said that there is more need for competition, and you're talking about competition. i would love to hear you talk a little bit more as what you see as the competitive
institute, and he is someone who has been a regular guest at the washington center and someone whose views are always sought on -- spot on. he is incredibly well informed. he expresses himself well, and he is a great guy. representative mickey edwards. [applause] >> i am afraid to say anything after that. why am delighted to have a chance to be back. >> do you need the mic? >> you can probably hear me anyway. take this one? does that work? ok, i feel like i am going to be on "o'brieprah"or something. this is an organization i have been delighted to work with for years, and i have to say i got here in time to hear most of the admiral stock -- admiral talk, and what a great feeling to know we have people likeç the playig such an important role in our national security. i told jean albert i was really impressed by the questions better ask, so now i am terrified of the questions you're going to ask me. let me start by making a couple of observations. we had an earlier session long ago. i guess it was right after the president was elected, and the topic i do not remember exactly what the titl
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